Monday, October 4, 2010

ENTHIRAN ( ROBO ) – Review

Enthiran is the first movie directly produced by SUN Pictures. They have proved time n before that not only a movie well made will reach but also a movie that is well promoted. With all the BIG names in the field to their advantage, have taken the promotion to the next level. Their promotion has made most audiences say either “hey have seen the movie…..Its Awesome” proudly or in a manner to restain their pride say “Hey have got tickets for @#$@# show ….n heard the movie is great”. That’s the Good part of the excess promotion. There another set of audience stating that “the movie must have come out as a crap, that’s y they are spending so much on promotion”. Lets check which set of audiences have got it right.
Story n Screenplay – It’s a Good story. Vasi (Scientist) creates a robot named Chitti to serve humans better. As a part of his research to upgrade the robot to make it think humans beyond skin and flesh, he inserts humane emotions to Chitti. Chitti. On an occasion Chitti is affectionately kissed by Sana (Vasi’s Girl friend) for saving the lives of a mother and a child. This sparks the newly added feature Love for the robot Chitti on Sana. And it does all possible things to its strength to get her. As I have said in the first line this is not a great story, but a good one for sure. Now lets try replacing the whole robot thing with a friend of Vasi (Scientist). That a guy’s friend falls in love with the guy’s girl friend due to the innocent action of the girl. Now the story sounds very normal. So we all must understand that the story is ROBOT. As the story is all about the ROBOT, first half majorly was used to portray that Chitti is better than us and girls love man-made dolls more than the men itself , and the second half was used to portray that how destructive Chitti can turn into and how the scientist beats his creation and its creations to return love to his girl and peace to the state. Screen play could have added lot more pace to the movie esp. with Rajini devotedly gave up all his image based scenes for Shankars story. But thats were the movie misses out majorly. The scene were Chitti chases down a mosquito and talks to it, could have been avoided if not the length atleast must have reduced. Seemed like the mosquitos had more dialogues than santhaanam or karunaas. Moreover, Shankar is into a habit having 5 songs picturised for a movie whether they all are needed or not. As the expense incured in the picturizing of the songs are high he is forced not to let them off. These end up slowing down the pace of the movie.
Character Utilization – This story revolves around 3 characters – Vasi, Sana and Chitti. And for the story build up the head scientist role has been used handsomely. The assistant roles played by santhaanam and karunaas , the by passer role by kalaabaan mani n many more were of no great plus to the movie. Rajini as a actor has done great in this movie. Guess Shankar didn’t realize that greatly, as he chose to prolong the graphics shows to rajini’s ultimate acting at the climax which could made a huge difference. Ash was excellent and attracted the audiences to an level that she convinced us that she could have easily attracted a robot too.
Make-Up, Special Effects and Camera– One must agree that Enthiran introduced a never before graphics show for Indian cinema. Make up for the Robot is remarkable. The efforts taken to hide any bulged visible nerves around wrist and neck or human-like skin shrinks has to be mentioned. Care taken to the core here. Ash was on her best of looks to attract even an electronic box as needed. But then at many points Vasi’s mustache or beard looked like school drama ones. As the Camera had to let the graphic people work on it, had some restrictions. Still when it comes to no special effect scene or songs, camera has captured us brightly. Esp., the songs have been captured brilliantly. On the whole, Make – Up ,special effects and Camera take a bow.
Music – Songs & BGM – songs were all quite pleasing and rocking as the situations demanded. But when some of the major scenes came up on screen, the BGM didn’t back the visuals. BGM was good, but good isn’t enough for a visually great movie.
On the whole this is yet another Rajini & Shankar movie, expected to take us for a ride at lightening speeds but then ended up at thundering speeds…

Story & Screenplay - 0.5 (1.0)
Music -0.6 (1.0)
Camera, Special Effects and Make-up -0.7 (1.0)
Character Utilization -0.5 (1.0)
Actors and Acting -0.8 (1.0) [Rajini scored the most here]

In my opinion, Enthiran gets 3.1/5.0

- Rajesh